Shmem Put/Get-FM: Shmem Put/Get Interface on Fast Messages

Shmem Put/Get-FM is a high-performance cluster implementation of the Shmem Put/get interface based loosely on Bob Numrich's Shmem library for the Cray T3D. The implementation is based on Fast Messages. This library provides a shared global address space, data movement operations between locations in that address space, and synchronization primitives. Significant changes from Numrich's library include redesign for 32-bit machines and implementing only a subset of the interface. Put operations in our cluster implementation operate with low overhead at the "putting" side and can be competitive with MPP implementations. Get operations are blocking and pay a round trip delay, generally nearly 25 microseconds on our Pentium Pro cluster, much greater than in a tightly-coupled MPP. Platforms Release History For More Information: Papers, talks, and software distributions

Primary contributors include Louis Giannini and Andrew Chien

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Last updated January 8, 1999