MPI-FM: Message Passing Interface on Fast Messages

MPI-FM is a high-performance cluster implementation of the Message Passing Interface (MPI) based on a port of MPICH to Fast Messages. The Message Passing Interface is an industry standard communication interface for message-passing parallel programs. It provides a wealth of capabilities including synchronous and asynchronous messaging, datatypes, and communicators. MPI-FM is a complete implementation of the MPI standard 1.0 based on the Argonne/MSU MPICH code base. However, the MPICH code base was tuned significantly to avoid buffer copies and reduce the critical path length for message reception. The effective software overhead for the MPI send/receive is below 3 microseconds in MPI-FM. Platforms Release History For More Information: Papers, talks, and software distributions

Primary contributors include: Mario Lauria, Greg Hermann, and Andrew Chien

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Last updated January 8,1999