Global Arrays-FM: Global Arrays Interface on Fast Messages

Global Arrays-FM is a high performance implementation of the Global Arrays interface for clusters. Global Arrays is a portable high performance computing API which supports abstractions for global arrays, data movement betwixt global arrays and local arrays, and synchronization across nodes. Thus, it is a complete parallel library for writing single-program multiple-data (SPMD) programs. It is particularly useful for computations which share a global data set, and decompose nicely into tiles or blocks of work. The global arrays interface was developed by Jarek Nieplocha, and our implementation is a port of his implementation atop the Fast Messages interface and other HPVM software. Platforms Release History For More Information: Papers, talks, and software distributions

Primary contributors include Louis Giannini and Andrew Chien (of course the GA system is primarily the work of Jarek Nieplocha).

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Last updated January 8, 1999