High Performance Virtual Machines Project

in the Concurrent Systems Architecture Group We are building software technology for scalable clusters which leveraging commodity platforms, hardware (PC's, servers, and workstations) and software (Windows NT, Linux). While many commercial efforts in this area focus on transaction processing systems, we are focused on scalable performance for a broader range of applications including emerging national information infrastructure applications (scalable web serving,interactive visualization/data exploration, information serving, data mining, etc.) as well as traditional high performance computing applications (HPC). Synthesizing usable ensembles from distinct hardware systems, and independent operating system kernels requires high bandwidth, low latency communication and efficient coordination within clusters and high performance networking outside the cluster. To meet these demands, we are researching a variety of technologies: The HPVM software provides basic turnkey computing for HPC clusters. It includes high speed communication layers, tools for coordinated resource management, and a Java-based front end for cluster access and management.

HPVM Application Programming Interfaces (API's):

HPVM Testbeds

We are using several testbeds and interconnects. These allow us to explore a variety of hardware and operating system environments.

For More Information: Papers, talks, software distributions and a HPVM FAQ.

CSAG also maintains a page documenting Resources for High Performance Computing in Windows NT.

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Last updated 8 January 1998