Purpose of Group Meetings

Andrew Chien, 8/18/97

Weekly group meetings serve several purposes, building communication, improving group cohesion, and professional development. By describing some of the motivations, you should be able to figure out how to take advantage of and contribute to group meetings more effectively.


  1. Gathering for technical interaction which helps all group members keep abreast of

Some Tips:

  1. Progress Reports to keep all members of the group abreast of what's going on in the group. Progress reports should be:
  1. Presentations which provide an in-depth coverage of a paper and put it into perspective in an area of research. Investment here in putting together a good talk pays off for the group.

Finally, remember that there are a range of different mechanisms for communication in the group (individual meetings, project meetings, etc.) and concentrate on the types of communication and interaction which is most appropriate for group-level interaction at the group meetings.